The Jands Vista S1

Stock image of Jands Vista S1

After trying out a lot of different options, we’ve finally found a travel friendly and more compact lighting console that allows us to program and run a real show and it is The Jands Vista S1. The S1 runs with Jands' venerable Vista V2 software which means there's a lot of available functionality. You’re able to program and run a decent sized lighting show with five playback faders and a complete programming section all with a board that will fit perfectly into your carry-on luggage!

Mock up of Jands Vista S1 Lighting Design

Our Jands Vista S1 rental package includes:

  • Jands Vista S1 console

  • MacBook Pro with Vista V2 Software

  • 2 Universe Output Dongle for 1024 channels of DMX

We'd love to tell you more about our favorite new compact lighting console, so contact us today!