• DJ spinning on Pioneer turntable at event in Austin, Texas
  • View from DJ booth at a party in Austin, Texas
  • DJ spinning at Austin, Texas party


The perfect DJ gear can be hard to find.

We carry the latest equipment to meet any of your needs. Call us today to find out why TSV has gained a reputation as the most comprehensive DJ equipment rental company in the industry!

Turntables and Decks

  • Technics SL1200
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2

Mixers and Controllers

  • Rane TTM57
  • Rane Sixty-Two
  • Pioneer DJM800
  • Pioneer DJM900 NXS
  • Pioneer DJM-S9
  • Pioneer DDJ-SR2
  • Tractor s4