We all scream for...well, you know! 2015 Austin Ice Cream Festival 

We are so excited for this great upcoming event, that we even wrote a little poem about it...


  • The Summer Sun is beating down,
  • but there should be no need to frown;
  • a special treat is almost here,
  • It's our favorite time of year!
  • So many flavors for us to try,
  • we won't need that slice of pie!
  • The frozen treat we love the best,
  • we love the Austin Ice Cream Fest!

That's right, the Austin Ice Cream Festival is almost here!

  • WHEN: Saturday, August 8th, 2015
  • WHERE: Fiesta Gardens
  • WHAT: ICE CREAM! (duh)
  • For more information, check out their website here.